Licences for new security firms frozen

27th April, 2004

Mon. - Licences for new security companies have been frozen until amendments to the Private Agency Act 1971, requiring guards to undergo courses and their details be vetted, come into force.Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Noh Omar said between 2,000 and 3,000 of the 150,000 guards em­ployed by 132 security firms had undergone courses.He said the proposed amendments, being finalized by the Attorney General's Chambers and to be tabled in Parliament this year, were ex­pected to be enforced next year.Speaking after visiting the lock-up and staff quarters at the Klang police headquarters today, he said the amendments would ensure security firms employed only trained staff.Currently, security guards included the elderly, those with criminal re­cords and even non-citizens.The issue of crime by security guards was highlighted following the rape and murder of l0-year-old Nurul Huda Abdul Ghani in Johor Baru by Mohd Abbas Danus Baksan, a guard, in January. He had eight convictions for robbery, trespassing and burglary. He was later sentenced to the maximum 20 years in prison and 24 lashes after pleading guilty.The proposed courses will be con­ducted by an authorized academy, based on a syllabus determined by the ministry and certificates will be issued to those who completed their training. Special identification tags with computer chips will also be is­sued by the ministry to those who qualify.He said security firms would be able to renew their licences only after fulfilling the new conditions.The amendments will also require shopping complexes, hotels and other establishments, which have in-house security personnel, to register their guards.He said security firms had been directed to screen recruits and provide training even before the new rules come into force.Meanwhile, he said: "Caning could be imposed on prisoners whose urine tests showed traces of drugs, without them being produced in court, if a minister or deputy minister sign their files."I have been given three files re­cently but I refused to sign them. I told the prison authorities I would sign them only after I know where the inmates got the dadah from," he said, adding he had directed that urine tests be carried out on inmates sus­pected to be dadah addicts in all the 37 prisons in the country.


SSAM completes Inquiry on Former Employer of Rapist 17th Feburary, 2004

KUALA LUMPUR - The Security Services Association of Malaysia (SSAM) has completed a domestic inquiry on Gemilang Security Services Sdn Bhd and will be submitting a report to the Home Ministry, its president Datuk Rahmat Ismail said.Gemilang Security is a member of the SSAM, a grouping of about 300 security companies."We will be making our recommendations to the ministry," he said without elaborating.Rahmat was asked to comment on the operating status of Gemilang Security, which hired the security guard who was convicted of raping 10-year-old Nurul Huda Ahmad in Tanjung Kupang, Johor on Jan 17.He said the inquiry was conducted by a four-member team led by Prof Hassan Yusoff.Guard Mohamad Abbas Danus Baksan, 46, was sentenced to 20 years' jail and 24 strokes of the rotan for raping Nurul Huda.Mohamad Abbas, who is from Kelantan, has eight previous convictions for robbery, trespassing and house breaking.Gemilang Security Johor Baru manager Mohamad Saat had claimed that the security guard concerned had lied about his identity when he was hired.Rahmat said the SSAM would also be holding a public forum next month to find ways to improve the image of the profession.He said among those who would be invited to the forum were Home Ministry officials, police, the General Insurance Association of Malaysia, which insures the security operators, users of the services such as goldsmiths, banks, industries as well as security operators.
"The security industry's image has been badly tarnished. We must take steps to undo this," he said.Rahmat, who is also president of the Asian Professional Security Association, said the forum would be chaired by a professor of criminology from a local university.
"We want to have independent parties to run the show. This way, we hope to have more input from the people," he said.Rahmat said he also hoped to raise several issues faced by the security operators, which included undercutting as well as lack of trained guards.He said operators had previously agreed to charge their clients RM4.50 per hour for each guard but some companies or sub-licensees had been charging as low as RM2 per hour.
"The clients should know that if they pay so low, they will not get trained and reliable guards," he said.Rahmat said SSAM would also propose that there be a standard salary structure for security guards to address the issue of undercutting. He said due to a lack of trained guards, some operators were forced to employ Gurkhas and pay them between RM1,200 and RM1,500 per month.Rahmat said it should be made compulsory for security companies to send their guards for training.

Security industry needs fresh ideas 28th January,2004

The recent rape and murder of Nurul Huda in Johor allegedly committed by a security guard and two others was, a despicable act.As a parent, it brought tears to my eyes. As a security provider, it brought me much shame and anguish.Ever since the incident, the security industry has come under close 'scrutiny - with Gemilang Security Services having to bear the brunt of the criticism.The Security Association of Malaysia president, who issued statements unrelated to the issue, was quick to distance himself by joining in the chorus of criticism directed at the industry and one of the association's members.Luckily, we are blessed with having sensible ministers and Home Ministry officials who had the wisdom and courage to recognize the root of the problem.The security industry needs a breath of fresh air.To give it credibility, lumbering dinosaurs must make way for fresh intelligent ideas to materialize.Members themselves must add credibility to the industry instead of passing the buck to the ministry. The public must also be educated on the need for good security and the price that comes with it.Lastly, I wish to extend my heartfelt condolences to the family of Nurul Huda. My sympathy also goes out to the owner of the unfortunate security company and all other association members.

Reward for Brave Bank Guard 27th January,2004

: Security guard Basir Jalin who shot dead two armed robbers in a Segamat bank heist on Jan 19 will be rewarded for his Bravery.Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad, whose Buloh Kasap branch in Segamat was robbed, said it will issue a letter of commendation to Basir.A spokesman for its head-quarters in Kuala Lumpur said yesterday that other forms of reward are being considered.Basir's employer, Armour Security Systems (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, refused to comment when contacted yesterday.Basir is attached to the company's Malacca branch.

Meanwhile, Security Services Association of Malaysia (SSAM) president Datuk Rahmat Ismail was glad to hear that Basir would be rewarded. Armour Security is a member of SSAM.

He said the association will also issue a letter of commendation to Basir.

"The association and I are proud of Basir," said Rahmat.

He added that the recognition, especially in Basir's case is important in restoring the tarnished image of security guards especially in the light of the rape-and-murder of 10year-old Nurul Huda Abdul Gani in Tanjung Kupang, Johor, on Jan 17.

Main suspect convicted : In molest case in 1987 21st January, 2004
JOHOR BARD - The security guard, who is the main suspect in the rape-cum-murder of l0-year old Nurul Huda Abdul Ghani, was convicted of a molest charge in 1987.
Johor police chief Datuk Musa Hassan said the offence was committed in Pulai Chondong in Mersing.Musa, however, said preliminary investigations showed that the suspect did not serve a long prison sentence for his eight previous convictions committed between 1975 and 2002.
It was initially reported that the guard's past convictions only included robbery, house-breaking and trespassing.Post-mortem on Nurul Huda revealed that she was raped and sodomised before being strangled to death.

Guard absconds with RM 1 Million 6th January,2004

KUALA LUMPUR-A security guard, who started work two weeks ago after providing fictitious personal particulars, drove off an armored van with some RM1mil during a collection trip at Midvalley Megamall here several days ago.Initially, police were confident of catching the man, in his 40s, based on the employment details he gave the security company.But they were shocked to find that the identification card number, addresses and references given by the man were false.The person stated in the employment letter also did not exist. .
Brickfields OCPD Asst Comm Zul Hasnari Najib Baharudin confirmed the case.
It is learnt that the man had accompanied two guards, one armed with a revolver, on their routine collection rounds at banks and private companies in the city.They had arrived at Midvalley to collect money from an amusement centre. The man waited in the van while his colleagues went to collect the money. Soon after making the collection, the guards were shocked to find the van and driver missing when they came out of the mall at 10.15 am.
Not able to locate the van and driver, they informed their control centre to radio the driver to report his location. The man did not respond and they lodged a report.Police found the van abandoned by the roadside about a kilometre away from the shopping complex. More than a dozen bags containing cash and coins were missing."We believe that the man was waiting for the right time to carry out the robbery as he knew that the police will find it hard to track him down based on all the false particulars."This man knew what he was doing and took a big chance by providing false information," said a source.In the last five years, more than RM5mil has been reported stolen by security guards or drivers disappearing with armored cars.
On March 14 last year, an armored van with about RMs20,000 cash-in-transit vanished with its driver during a stop at a bank on Jalan Ipoh.Police later recovered the van abandoned in the city.

Basic Training for all Guards 2nd December, 2003
JOHOR BARU- All 150,000.odd security guards in the country are required to complete a basic training course and obtain the Home Ministry's smart card in an effort to improve the quality of their services.The exercise is expected to be completed within the next two years.A database of qualified security guards will be created to help the Home Ministry monitor the performance of these smart card holders.The ministry, police and private security firms will have access to the computerized database to enable them to choose only security guards with a good track record.Home Ministry principal assistant secretary Nasir Ahmad said the directive would affect more than 300 security companies.He said although there were no immediate penalties to force security firms to send their employees for the course, the ministry may reject applications to renew operating licenses for those who fail to do so."The smart cards and security guard database will prevent security guards dismissed for indiscipline by one security firm from being hired by another."We hope security firms nationwide would send all their guards for the course," he added.

Hiring foreigners as guards not allowed

KOTA KINABALU: Private firms are not allowed to hire foreigners as security guards. This applies also to hiring "non-citizens" with proper papers, said Security Services Association Malaysian President Datuk Rahmat Ismail.

"Some of these companies just employ security guards but the security means noth­ing to them," he said, Friday."But when something like the kidnapping happens, they become kelam-kabut (chaotic)," he said. Rahmat explained that under the Companies Act 1971, companies are not allowed to employ foreigners except for British gurkhas with permission from the Home Ministry.He said private firms and companies should also not be tempted to hire in-house security guards in order to save costs."Actually it's bad to hire in-house guards. They should only employ licensed guards with security firms that are approved by the Home Ministry," he said.Rahmat said current and new security guards nationwide are being vetted by the police and undergoing training modules set by the Home Ministry last year.However, there have been instances of even licensed security firms hiring foreigners as guards. On June 19, this year, the Immigration department nabbed a Filipino who was holding the rank of "inspector".He was among 11 security guards rounded up in several locations in the city. The "inspector" was nabbed while he was super­vising other security guards, also foreigners assigned to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). The "inspector" also was conferred com­mendation awards PPA (Pihgat Perkidmatan Am) and PPS ( Pingat Perkhidmatan Setia) by his employer. These were pinned on his uni­form and according to immigration officials, these commendations are only accorded to ex­-servicemen.On Oct. 1, Immigration officials arrested another five foreign security guards, two at the Survey, Supermarket in Penampang, one each from Peak Condominium and Centre Point and one from a coffee house in Jalan Bundusan.


KDN pinda akta wajibkan jaga kursus

2nd September, 2003

JOHOR BAHRU : Kementerian Da­lam Negeri (KDN) sedang mengkaji pindaan Akta Agensi Persendirian 1971 bagi mewajibkan semua pengawal keselamatan mengikuti kursus asas. Ketua Penolong Setiausaha Keselamatan dan Ketenteraman Awam KDN, Nasir Ahmad, berkata ia bertujuan memastikan pengawal keselamatan mempunyai pengetahuan asas kawalan keselamatan dan disiplin yang baik. Beliau berkata, satu jawatankuasa sudah dibentuk pada peringkat kementerian untuk mengkaji dan mengenalpasti kelemahan akta sehingga akhir tahun ini. "Kita akan memasukkan peruntukan mewajibkan secara mandatori semua pengawal keselamatan mengikuti kursus asas kawalan keselamatan sebelum di­ambil bekerja dalam kajian yang dibentang kepada Kabinet tahun depan”. "Ketika ini, araban kira-kira 150,000 pengawal keselamatan mengikuti kursus asas kawalan keselamatan hanya diwajibkan secara pentadbiran. "Pindaan bakal memberi kuasa undang-undang kepada kementerian memastikan lebih 300 syarikat pengawal keselamatan mematuhi arahan sebelum ini," katanya selepas majlis penutup Kursus Asas Pengawal Keselamatan Siri 1/2003 anjuran Persatuan Perkhidmatan Kawalan Keselamatan Malaysia (PPKKM) Zon Selatan, di Kompleks Nusa Mutiara, di sini semalam. Hadir sama Pengerusi PPKKM Zon Selatan, Kapten (B) Abdul Rahman Dian. Nasir berkata, sambutan syarikat keselamatan menghantar pengawal mengikuti kursus asas an­juran PPKKM kurang memberangsangkan. Sehubungan itu, pihaknya bercadang mengenakan tindakan kepada syarikat kawalan keselamatan yang ingkar dengan mengesyorkan kepada peringkat tertinggi KDN supaya tidak memperbaharui permit syarikat terbabit. "Kami juga akan menghantar surat amaran kepada syarikat keselamatan yang dikenalpasti enggan menghantar pengawal mereka mengikuti kursus asas itu supaya mematuhi arahan dan berubah sikap," katanya. Kursus asas pengawal kesela­matan itu melengkapkan peserta dengan pengetahuan mengenai tanggungjawab pengawal keselamatan, pertolongan cemas, kawad dan perhubungan awam.

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